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Founded in 2017, Setson is a network consulting firm that focuses on networking and wireless integration. We work in ISP, Data Center and Enterprise environments. We leverage cost-effective network vendors and solutions to maximize ROI for our clients without compromising scalability or reliability.

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IT Consulting

Router, switches and Firewalls. Virtual Environment design and maintenance. Help Desk and Desktop support. All OS and Infrastructure design and support. Phone Systems and Voip solutions. Cloud Services. Cabling Copper and fiber. Data Backups and replication.

Networking Consulting

Advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, eBGP and eBGP. IPv4 & IPv6 design. Advanced routing failover with HSRP and VRRP. Switching failover with STP, VSS and VPC.

Wireless Consulting

Point to point, Point to Muiltpoint. Outboor and Outdoor. RF Studies and footprints. Cisco, Ubnt and Aruba.

Wisp Consulting

RF Design, Link path analysis. Monitoring and Alerting Servers using Zabbix, Cacti, TheDude and Solarwinds. Billing and Account solution using Platypus, Powercode and Quickbooks. DNS and Mail Servers.


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